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back stabbers always stab you where it hurts [Oct. 29th, 2001|05:42 pm]
[mood |annoyed]
[music |afi]

god i love it when ppl only tell 1/2 the story. yea ok we are all talkin about kelsey in a joking manner. i come home and me n kels are talkin and she was like "I heard you were talking about me at taco bell" and i was like yea jokes you know. and i asked who did you hear it from? surprise surprise rachel told. funny part is she left out a couple names of who else was makin jokes. she 4 got 2 other ppl. she said it was just me n craig n atom...sorry it wasnt that way. oh i love when ppl do that, make themselves look better and other ppl look bad. happens alot. its not that i keep these things from kelsey its just how she made me n atom n craig look bad instead of everyone. i dont care. i only trust one person completely anyway.
today has been a really shitty day. especially with my friends. i think the only good thing today was hangin with matt and when me n cassi talked when i came home. god i miss her. she said we are gonna do something friday but i dunno. i hope we can. hopefully matt wont get mad like last time we tried to do something together. hmm it was weird with the bomb threat and all...sum pretty weird shit happened while on the field. oh my head hurts from brit's damn glasses. haha she got all defensive when i was talking about a cd she had. she had a cd with afi and dashboard confessional and saves the day and 88 finger louie. she asked how i can like evrything but country and not get picked on my atom n craig n jeremy. i was like cuz i odnt give a fuck what they think about my music. i listen to their music and everything else. i dont limit myself to music or whatever, i like music by how it makes me feel or whatever. it was just funny listenin to her talk about what jeremy said and all this stuff. oh well my head really hurts ima go to sleep

[User Picture]From: shitting_razors
2001-11-03 11:48 am (UTC)

neva la ern

uhh there you go again. "but its like jeremy says those things about brittney and i cos he thinks that you will agree with him or something...which you will not" you telling me what to do again. uhh i wanna scream! you call him childish yet you go and say it to. ok we get it you both hate each other. i dont talk to or about ppl i hate! cant we all just get along? we should all just quit talking about it. i swear to god its like a goddamn soap opera. theres always drama. i,kels,jeremy, everyone should quit talking about everything. we should all be mute! =) just kidding. oh well shit happens just gotta get over it and move one. goodluck tonite atom at your concert
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