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haha who who thought youd get the money to - JeN [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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haha who who thought youd get the money to [Oct. 27th, 2001|07:57 pm]
[mood |good]
[music |janet jackson and missy elliot...tv]

ahh fun stuff yesterday. well i forgot to mention yesterday about megan wanting to kick my ass. id love to see her try. i wanted to beat the shit out of her 6th period, damn whore. oh well back to get stuff. went to the football game last nite, it was boring and freezing. it was just me n jeremy n rachel but it was fun. the game wasnt but being withthem was. then at like 8 sumin we went to sonic, i dont think the 2nd quater had even started. it was soooo cold. klay was workin there and was askin us if we went to the back to smoke. hes such a crackhead but hes cool anyway. then i followed jeremy over to rachels house and he dropped her off and then got us lost. =) then on to matts house. we got there and it was just wes n aaron there. then matt n cassi n steph came back from the 1st attempt at pickin up anthony. then nick came. cassi n steph didnt stay long . cassi kept makin jokes about ray but it was good seein her again. then they left and matt n aaron went to blockbuster and jeremy n craig went to craigs house for awhile so it was just me n nick n wes until anthony showed up. wes gave me sum spiked fruitopia. it tasted good. then matt showed back up with his lil thug look and we just kinda hung out til i had to go. jeremy n craig came back as i was leaving so i couldnt talk to jeremy. ahh nick n matt jumped on my car. matt was on my hood so ofcourse i had to make him fall off. love him though. it was really good seein matt n nick again.
now on to today....gees to much. helped my mom put up halloween dec at her work for 2 1/2 hours and tehn i had to leave and she still wasnt down...gives new meaning to overkill. then i went to jen n jeannes lil cookout thing. joel was there. i hadnt seen him since like a month after the pigeon forge trip back in jan. it was cool. oh well fun stuff. only bad thing about yesterday was no ray. oh well
im outta here